Monday, April 16, 2012

Thai Tip

Thai Tip
1512 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Thai Tip is located in a non-descript strip mall that frankly we’ve driven by many times and never noticed.  We got the referral from the many incredible reviews we’d seen about the place and decided to try it.  The restaurant is small – only 11 tables, and the décor is pretty typical of an Asian restaurant.  Plastic placemats featuring food dishes, photographs of food plates on the walls and charming flowers made of folded ribbons on the tables.  There were the requisite golden dragons but other than that, it was pretty basic.  It was very clean though and we were happy to see that.

The menu is large and varied with several different kinds of noodle dishes, curries, vegetarian offerings – a wide variety of plates to try.  The servers were prompt and attentive and very clear in telling us that “Thai hot” is not “New Mexico hot” and that their dishes tend toward the fiery side.  For that reason, you have the option to choose how hot you want the food.  We thought we wanted medium heat because we are seasoned hot chili eaters, but the waiter cautioned us and advised us to go with the “mild to medium” choice.  We did and were glad we didn’t go any higher.  The food was spicy hot, but not searing and we loved it.

Here’s what we ordered:  We tried two appetizers, the Fishcakes and the Fresh Spring Rolls. 

The Fishcakes came four on a plate with a spicy/sweet dipping sauce adorned with cucumber slices and sesame seeds.  The cakes were fried and had a nice chewy texture and the flavor was mild and delicious.  The sauce made the perfect compliment.  They were very good. 


The Fresh Spring Rolls were the largest ones we have ever seen!  Big fat rice paper covered bundles of napa cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, and shrimp.  The dipping sauce was the same spicy/sweet sauce that came with the fish cakes.  We devoured them and they were fresh, crisp, and delicious.

Fresh Spring Rolls

For our main entrees we ordered Eggplant Curry and Pad Thai.  I know, I know, Pad Thai is the quintessential Thai dish that is so overdone, but it looked wonderful with shrimp and we just had to try it.  Anyway, the entrees were served in charming blue and white china bowls, the Pad Thai dish shaped like a fish.  The rice for the Curry was delightfully shaped into a heart on the plate and we were impressed.  I mean, taking that extra moment to do that – terrific.

Shrimp Pad Thai

The Pad Thai was slightly sweet, spicy, and very flavorful.  The noodles were cooked perfectly – not overdone and pasty, but more al dente.  There were 8 large shrimp and we would have been happier if the tails had been removed, but they were still delicious.  The Curry was spicy and warm and the eggplant perfectly seasoned.  We loved both dishes and would happily order them again.  In fact, we took the leftovers home and enjoyed them the next day with the same gusto. 

Eggplant Curry

For dessert, we chose the “To Die For” sweet coconut rice and mango which is advertised on the tables.  And we chose the sweet coconut ice cream with banana wontons over sweet rice.  Both dishes were incredible.  The banana wontons were so gooey on the inside they were like melted bananas.  They and the sweet sticky rice were served warm, dripping with coconut sauce with scoop of housemade coconut ice cream on top – heavenly.  The mango and rice dish featured warm sweet sticky rice covered with the same coconut sauce and half a mango sliced on top.  The sweet cool mango in combination with the warm gooey rice was delicious.  We were stuffed from our meal, but found it impossible to stop eating the dessert.  We didn’t want to miss a single bite.

Sweet Rice with Mango (left) and Sweet Coconut Ice Cream with Banana Wontons

Overall, Thai Tip impressed us immensely.  A tiny gem of a find in a non-descript location.  Look for it, go in, sit down, and prepare for a wonderful experience!

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