Monday, April 16, 2012

La Salita

La Salita Restaurant
1217 Eubank Blvd NE
Albuququerque, NM 87112

La Salita is located in a strip mall in northeast Albuquerque.  Parking was crowded but not impossible.  The entry way into the restaurant has a very small area for patrons to wait for tables.  There are a couple small benches but you’ll probably have to stand.  We waited for about 15 minutes at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday night.  Décor is traditional New Mexico with a very western feel, artificial flowers, a view of soda machines and racks of Styrofoam cups in the back of the dining area and a big sign advertising their salsa.  While we looked through the menu we were served a very small bowl of chips and a dish of salsa.  The salsa was delicious, thick and spicy, but not hot and the chips were average.  This is a very casual restaurant and wait staff was dressed in jeans and tennis shoes.  We asked our waitress what the specialty of the house was and were directed us to their chile rellenos.  She explained that they were all hand dipped and they had several varieties.  We ordered:

Regular Chile Relleno with beans and papas – The plate presented with the rellenos deep fried and beautiful.  However, there was a lot of crunchy breading and the flavor of the chile was lost, and it wasn’t hot either in flavor or temperature.  The menu said the dish would come with “hot sour cream” but it was the regular refrigerated variety.  The papas were also deep fried and somewhat greasy.  The cheese was not gooey but came rather rubbery and congealed, which was unappealing.  Rating – Good but not great.   Reminded us of fair food.

Chile Rellenos

Blue Corn Enchiladas with beans and rice – The enchiladas were good but made with ground beef rather than shredded so a little disappointing.  The flavor of the chile was good, thick, and chunky.  It looked just like the salsa that came with the chips earlier, and we deduced they were the same thing.  The refried beans were delicious and the rice was unremarkable.  Rating – Good but not great.

Blue Corn Enchiladas

Other comments – Our dishes were served one at a time with a couple minutes between, which seems to be the trend there.  Every table was served one plate at a time with trips back to the kitchen between.  Also, one large party behind us had 10 people and some people were half way through their meal when the last person was served.  Someone was vacuuming the rug beside our table as we ate – very annoying.  We were given the option of getting our sopapillas at the beginning or end of the meal.  We opted for the end and finally got them with the check.  They were good and hot and worth the wait.

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  1. The salsa was delicious, thick and spicy, but not hot and the chips were average.
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