Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tiffany’s - Frankenmuth, MI

656 S. Main
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Located on Frankenmuth’s delightful Main Street, Tiffany’s was originally the Hotel Goetz in 1904 and has been revitalized many times in the last century. With a diverse menu featuring seafood, Italian and American fare, and pub specials, it is uniquely charming and quite popular among tourists and locals alike. Traces of the original architecture and design elements from the Hotel Goetz are still present from the tin ceiling (now painted gold) to the polished woodwork and tiny tile mosaic flooring to the Tiffany chandeliers that gave Tiffany’s its name, old meets new and creates a distinctive atmosphere.

We were drawn to Tiffany’s after hearing about their pasta pizza. Curious about this combination, we elected for the Chicken Portabella Marsala Pasta Pizza as our shared entrée and the Cajun Crawfish Salad to split. Because we were chilled from the persistent rain outside, we also got a cup of French Onion Soup and an order of Pierogies to start.

The pierogies (not pictured) were out first and were filled with potato and cheese. We enjoyed them, though we really liked the potato and cheese filling more than we liked the exterior. It was bland and basically served as a vessel for the filling. The French onion soup was good, but much like the pierogies was devoid of any depth of flavor. The broth had a semi bitter flavor to it and while it served its purpose of warming us up, it wasn’t the best French onion soup we’ve ever had.

French Onion Soup

The salad came out next and it was delicious! It consists of mixed lettuce, onions, croutons, and crawfish tail meat. The lettuce was crisp and fresh and the Bayou buttermilk dressing that came with the salad was addicting and richly flavored to complement the crawfish. We hungrily devoured the salad  without getting a picture and were still enjoying the flavor combination of the dressing and crawfish when the pizza arrived.

To describe the pasta pizza is no easy task. Simply stated it is a pizza crust with pasta and sauce on top. We tried to eat it like a regular slice of pizza, but found that the alfredo sauce had made the thin crust soggy, so we ate it with a knife and fork which proved helpful in cutting the pasta. You might recall that we orderd the portabella chicken marsala pizza and we were disappointed that there were very few mushrooms on the pizza itself and very little chicken as well. Mostly we had pasta and alfredo – not marsala – sauce. We ended up eating the pasta portion and the edge of the pizza because the bottom of the crust was a soggy mess. This was basically a mediocre pasta dish (that needed salt) with breadsticks. We liked the creativity of the idea, but felt the execution was poor.

Pasta "Pitza" - a Tiffany's Speciality

What works well at Tiffany’s are the atmosphere and the service. We had an excellent server named Jessica who was friendly, offered suggestions, interacted with us, and made sure our glasses were never empty. The food was marginal – except for the salad which was great – but the atmosphere and service redeemed any shortcomings. Our advice would be to check out this historic site if you’re in Frankenmuth and have a salad or go in for a quick cocktail as you explore Main Street.

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